Foil printing

With foil printing we are able to create a highly glossy and long-lasting surface on your print products.

Printing is done at 130 degrees which guarantees a high quality printed surface. Foil printing creates impressive and eye-catching details on your product. The most common use for foil printing are business cards, wedding invitations and book/folder covers. 

Esimerkki kansipainatuksesta

Foil printing makes your product more noticeable. In a world of ordinary packaging, shiny foil printing is sure to stand out. The usage for foil printing is already vast and is growing constantly.

Painopirtti is one of the most experienced printing houses in Finland that is specialized in foil printing. Feel free to contact us - we can surely help you add classiness to your printed products with the aid of foil printing. 


With embossing we can create impressive details without using PMS colors.
For example, an embossed company logo in a business card or in an official form will catch attention and give noticeability. 


Ask for more information! We will surely find the most suitable printing technique for your purposes. 

Thermographic printing

In thermographic printing we can create a highly glossy and embossed printing surface.This printing technique is excellently suited, for example, for your company’s business cards. Thermographic printing can also be done with offset printing.  

Esimerkki Thermograafisesta painatuksesta

Contact us! We are happy to tell you more about our Thermographic printing products.

Offset printing

With offset printing we can create long lasting high quality products.Part of our wide offset printing selection are, for example:

  • Envelopes and mailing bags – all sizes
  • Business cards
  • Forms – also self-copy papers
  • Invoicing forms and templates
  • Stickers for all purposes
  • Product labels
  • Yearbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Invitation cards
  • Wedding invitations
  • Funeral programs
  • Election campaign materials
  • Folders


Offset printing is one of the most common printing techniques. It is based on rejecting grease and water. On the printing plate the parts that receive color will reject water whereas the parts that won’t transfer color will receive water. Greasy PMS color will stick only onto parts that receive color. The print is first on the offset printing plate and is then transferred onto a rubber cylinder as a reverse picture. From there the picture will be correctly printed onto the paper.

Contact us! We are happy to tell you more about our offset printing products.

Digital printing

From our digital printing service you will receive first class printed products quickly with short delivery notice.

In digital printing the surface of each sheet will be created separately. This way we can print small amounts of products and sheets including different information in a cost-effective way. Digital printing is perfectly suited for products that need to be delivered with short notice. 

Ask for more information! We will surely find the most suitable printing technique for your purposes.